Comprehensive Asset Protection Planning

Comprehensive Asset Protection Planning

Wealth Protection Planning is just that: planning designed to protect your wealth during life. It is the process of organizing assets and affairs in advance so as to protect them from the risk of seizure by an adverse party . By organizing the ownership of assets in such a manner, they will be protected and sheltered from all future lifetime risks to which they may otherwise be subject. Using the most favorable entities, agreements and systems of laws, our goal is to achieve the highest level of protection available and to which you are entitled.

The methods used to accomplish this vary widely with the unique circumstances of each client. Generally, ownership of assets and wealth is structured according to a careful, integrated design. Planning may include ownership shifting, statutory exemption planning and similar techniques available to reduce the exposure of assets and wealth to seizure.  The structures employed may consist of one or more agreement relationships (trusts or similar agreements) and one or more entities (corporations, limited partnerships or limited liability companies).  The structue is then implemented by coupling these separate elements. The result creates distinct and significant disincentives to severely restrict potential creditors or others seeking to deprive a client of wealth and assets.

Asset Protection Planning should employ the best of domestic and foreign planning to obtain the most effective proteciton suited to the individual client's needs and goals.

Asset Protection Planning is best integrated with a complete wealth transfer plan using appropriate wills, trusts and ancillary documents.

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