Advanced Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

Advanced Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning
Wealth Transfer Planning is the process of arranging affairs and assets in such a way that, upon death or incapacity, or as desired, your estate can be distributed as planned to minimize the turmoil, trauma and expense which can be associated with those events.
In preparing a wealth transfer plan, the principal concerns are for accurate distribution, elimination of the complexities and publicity surrounding the transfer process, smooth transition of responsibility in the event of incapacity or death, and the greatest minimization of federal, state, and gift taxes.
Careful planning and documentation is often necessary to effectively accomplish the goals set and objectives desired. The negative impact of not planning is seen far too often. Estates and fortunes are lost or squandered while trying to sort out the wishes of someone who failed to plan. Unnecessary taxes and expenses are incurred which could have been minimized or completely eliminated with careful planning.

The current level of international commerce, and the transient nature of today's executive, demands that careful planning consider the impact of expatriots here and abroad.  That careful consideration includes the impact of tax and trust regulations in many distinct juisdictions into which our clients are transferred.  Use of qualified domestic trusts in the United States, careful trustee selection both here and abroad are examples of that application.

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